Do you know that the height of attack and the damages on marriages and Homes are unquantifiable? The effect of those damages run across many centuries, even to the distant generations. Do you know that the increase in criminality, sin and lawlessness today in our society is largely due to failure at home?

Godly seeds and well-behaved children are best raised and preserved in a godly devoted united family. Corrupted seeds come from corrupted marriages. Are you aware that breakthrough at work and ministry depends largely on how well your home is managed?

To make heaven, home and family matter is of importance. If no infidel will enter heaven, then no careless member of family and home will ever enter the kingdom of God. (I Timothy 5:8).

Have you considered that you will be condemned if you fail as a husband, wife, father, mother or as a child? On the other hand, part of our commendation from God will come based on how well we manage our families.

Your marriage and family is your Jerusalem. It is the beginning of your ministry and assignment on earth. Once you have the privilege to marry, then you already have a work to be accounted for. And if you fail to win members of your family then you have a query to answer with your maker. (I Timothy 3:5).

By now, you should be aware that the time given to work and religious activities should also be given for the building of your home. Why? Raising a family is enough a career.

No time or sacrifice or money spent should be considered too much for your family.
Meeting once a week for duration of at least one hour on family issues shouldnt be a big deal!
Talking about marriage and family, using this WEEKLY FAMILY STUDY GUIDE will not be an over emphasize.
Devotion and dedication of each one us to the reaching out and bringing the message of healings to other homes and families will be a pleasure, not a burden.
So, join us as instrument in the hands of God to reaching out to our dying world.


The mysteries of Love unfolds! The mysteries of Love never told!!
Love Digest is a complete encyclopedia on the subject of love.
Do you want a deeper revelation of the true meaning of love?
Do you want to know how to grow love?
Are you aware that love needs tangible substrates to thrive?
Do you want to know the power of love in saving and in the preservation of life and relationship?
Then, its necessary to follow the expository series in LOVE DIGEST.
You've got to understand the revelation and concept of 'Love with God and Love with man'.
In Love Digest, you will come across subjects like:
# Why Love? This speaks about the importance of love.
# Nature and Expressions of Love.
# Operational Working Principles of Love.
# Strength of Love.
# The Wings and Divisions of Love.
# The hierarchy of Love.
# How to receive and walk in Love
# And lots more


The Family Study Guide is a booklet containing revelational insights proven by the Word of God basically for the building and Healing of Homes. Produced quarterly by 'Biodun and 'Bimbo ENIOLA. It's being used on weekly bases by families in order to promote Love and Harmony as well as meeting family needs.

First of It's kind in the history of ministry to homes; the Family Study Guide has a NON-DENOMINATIONAL approach and it reaches the ever-increasing number of homes across the Globe.


To have the best use of this family Devotional Study Guide:

# You pick a study at a time from the Family Study Guide. Don't rush through it.
# You need to study it together with your family members. It is to be studied in group. None member of the family could also be invited to join.
# Someone in the family should be allowed to moderate the meeting.
# Make it group study at least once a week, within a minimum period of an hour.
# The scriptural text should be carefully read
# Every member/participant should be encouraged to share his/her feelings and knowledge during the Family Group Discussion session.
# Mirror yourself in the light of the case study.
# Take practical Bold Steps as contained in the Guide. Throughout this week, take conscious step in accordance with the study.
# Do not forget to speak to God in prayers after each study. Until you pray, you remain impotent to act and live by the word.
# At the end of each Weekly Study Meeting, the family should remember to pray for other families around the globe. See the prayer Guide contained in the Family Study Guide. Get connected to the Family Prayer Network and also send your Family Prayer Request for the next quarter edition of the Family Study Guide. Every prayer request should be sent on/before the end of the current edition.
# At the end of each weekly study, we request for donations. All donations are used to sustain the work and to help in reaching the every-increasing number of homes across the globe. Monthly/Quarterly partnership is strongly needed for the work (I Cor. 16:1-2). You can help sponsor the FREE Distribution of the Guide.
# At the end of each quarter, do fill the Quarterly Information slip, detach and send it to us.
# Families living within the same close area can decide to use this Guide together. More copies of the Guide could be used.
# A local church, fellowship, or an Assembly can use the family Study Guide for Group Study.
# The Family Study Guide can be presented as gift to other families.