Love Digest:

“For I wrote you out of great sorrow and deep distress [with mental torture and anxiety] of heart, [yes, and] with many tears, not to cause you pain but in order to make you realize the overflowing love that I continue increasingly to have for you” (2Cor. 2:4 – AMP).

One day, I was in the street of Kabba in Kogi State. All of a sudden, a strong wind in preparation for a downpour began to blow. So everyone knew the rain will soon fall and we all began to look for temporary shelter to hide from the wind and rain.
The rain then began and we make our way towards a makeshift shelter in a street market. All of a sudden, we all saw a mad woman in tattered clothes also running away from the wind and rain and running towards the shelter where we were.

When people saw her running from the rain, they laughed and mocked her saying: ‘so mad person too know how to run from danger’! But seeing her, my heart bleeds and sorrow fills by heart for her. I feel for her, knowing fully that she has being sleeping under cold and rain for years. I wish that I have new sets of clothes for her. I wish I have the anointing to completely free her from that insanity.

How do you feel seeing mad people, how do you feel seeing beggers? How do you feel when men are bereaved? And how do you feel seeing men dying helplessly on the hospital beds? Do you really care seeing fellows in pains?

The state of your heart when things are not well with people also suggests your love contents.
Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians: “. . . I wrote to you out of great sorrow and deep distress, . . . in order to make you realize the overflowing love . . . that I have for you”.

You can’t have sincere love of God and not be burdened for men! Love makes your heart to be anguished. Not just for your close allies, but even for others you do not know.

‘Biodun Eniola

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