When a man just bought a new car, he will want to put the best of security possible. If care is not taken, he might want to tie a bronze chains round it to his door.

On the other hands, I remember sometimes ago, my car was becoming old and developing fault each time I took it out. I was so bored about it that in many occasions, l left it outside on the street moment it developed mechanical fault. On a particular occasion, I left it for months in the open, not minding if it will eventually be stolen!

You see, the security of a thing increases with the value on it. The more loveable it is, the tighter the protection.

At the highest point of love, you have the highest form of security.

Christ wouldn’t had walked on the water in order to save his beloved disciples from perishing in the storm if not for love. He ‘risk’ being on water! Why? Because they were dear to Him.

Or why do we leave mad people outside in the cold, rain and heat of the sun; making them vulnerable? It is because somehow we believed they are not useful!

I remember a nasty experience. I became seriously ill at a time my family couldn’t afford a meal. My health deteriorated to the point that I couldn’t step out of the house to hustle for provision.
I wish I have the strength and I will do even odd jobs to bring food on the table. Lo and behold, I was so sick and weak.

When there was nothing I could do, I decided to swallow my pride. On my sick bed at home (for we could not afford any hospital bill), I ask for pen and paper. I thought of only two people I knew who may bail us out as well as cover the shame.

The first person I sent a note was a friend (we’ve being comrades and friends since campus fellowship days). My friend, out of his comfort and blessings (if he wanted to) could moderately feed my whole family for a year without stress. The second was my spiritual father.

When, they receive my secret request note for help, after some hours, my friend responded by sending N10,000 to me and never bothered or ask afterwards if his token took me off my sick bed, not to mention food (but I still thank God because his N10,000 took care of some drugs and a little bread for that day and the next).

But, my father in the Lord out of his meager resources, on receiving my distressed note immediately sent ‘first-aid’ cash through the one I sent; pick his wife, called their family doctor and in a short while arrived in my house (despite they live at the extreme end of the town).
On arrival, mummy (his wife) said something I won’t forget. She said to me: “we can’t afford to lose you!” And that I am so dear to them and the body of Christ!!
So they took me in their car, drove me to their house where their doctor came to meet me and eventually took me to a pharmacy to get all necessary prescribed drugs.
You see, those who love and value you protect you!

If you are not loveable and dear, you will be left alone unprotected in the heat of the battle of life.

How do you protect your wife when you just married? And how do you secure the integrity of your husband from being dainted when you were courting?
Because love was at the climax at that time, you could do anything to secure him or her.

Real love produce real protection!

Protect what is dear to you!!

Biodun Eniola


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